A Place Close to Home (Ideas)


  • Home Community
  • School (High School)
  • School (College)
  • McCurry Park
  • Fayetteville Pavilion

Top 3

McCurry Park

Fayette County McCurry Park Complex
Image source: fayettecountyga.gov

A simple park. I always feel a sense of comfort at the park and I think it would be easy to explore why that could be. This particular park has no actual association with me, but I still end up thinking about it more than one would think.

Fayetteville Pavilion

Image source: mapquest.com

A shopping plaza. A strange place to explore the idea of “Sense of Place”, but I do have a good number of memories attached to this plaza. It comes close to a home away from home feeling at times.

Home Community

Image source: Google Maps

The most obvious thing to write about. I have not had many memories here compared to other places in my life thanks to the almost nomadic moving schedule I’ve had most of my life. Despite this, home is still home and worthy of some introspection.