Fayette Pavilion Observation

This is part of a project wherein the goal was to study a place that holds high personal importance closely and make an article with interactive features linking pages and images together. This is page serves as the main gateway page meant to connect to other relevant areas of the site in a visually interesting way while also providing an entertaining article surrounding my feelings on the place of choice. The choice of the Fayette Pavilion came as a result of wanting to explore a familiar environment in a safe place.

The Titular Pavilion

What kind of places do you think of when you think of a place close to home? Do you picture your own living space? Maybe your backyard or a nearby park? I think any of these places would be a natural choice for places that bring about a natural homey atmosphere. But what would you say to a shopping plaza? Could you see yourself enjoying the comfort of a plaza in the same vein as you would your own living space? Personally speaking, I think I may be one of those people who can say just that.

It is difficult to say why we latch on to places so fervently with the time we spend with them, but that attachment gives us a “sense of place” or a feeling of being home even when we are not. This place of comfort or belonging need not even be significant to your life, just so long as there is something positive to be gained from its presence it can be evaluated as a location that gives you a “sense of place”.


The Fayette Pavilion is a rather large plaza of shops organized not unlike a neighborhood with many roads connecting to a main road in and out of the plaza. This design (talked about more in depth here), makes the plaza feel like a hub of sorts upon entering it as the main road will lead you to a large number of shops.

When I first visited the Pavilion, I vaguely recall feeling lost among all the shops scattered about the plaza. Though the main road of the plaza only goes straight through the Pavilion, I had trouble telling where was where until I came close to the exit roads on either side of the the plaza. Thankfully, this naturally changed over time.

Since the Fayette Pavilion is a conglomerate of several different stores, the Pavilion itself does not have an official website dedicated to it, but rather there is a retail website that displays some information on demographics, what buildings are available, and overhead maps of the area. These things can be seen with more information on the Crawford Square website.

The Pavilion is a fairly well off location, even during times of a pandemic, the stores within are mostly filled with essentials that consumers need, so most businesses continue to do well. On the same Crawford Square website, it is possible to see some demographic information for the areas around the Pavilion.

Demographic analysis around the Fayette Pavilion

This information is likely integral to the retail company as it would let them cross-reference how much traffic comes through the Fayette Pavilion. Though I have no direct knowledge of this, I feel that I can make an inference that those eyeing the Pavilion use data like this to decide what stores would work best in the available lots.

But that’s enough speculative thinking on statistics. Why do I feel attached to the Fayette Pavilion in the first place?

Memories and Feelings

Though it isn’t exactly a place specifically to hang out around (Especially right now), I find the Pavilion to be extremely familiar for a number of reasons (the memories surrounding which are detailed here). Even putting those reasons aside, I think that there is a pleasant aesthetic within the plaza that I find enjoyable. It is somewhat difficult to put into words, but I think I enjoy the overall feeling the plaza evokes. Even the design of the plaza is interesting to me. Perhaps working there has changed my perceptions, but I can’t recall ever feeling any true nostalgia from any other place in the same way I do the Fayette Pavilion. I don’t want to take away from the plaza, but I don’t think it does anything particularly special as far as presentation, so it is rather curious that I feel the way I do at all.

Though I have a hard time pinning why it is I care for the Pavilion, I do know it has been a part of my life for some time now. Coming and going both for recreation and necessities as they were needed over the years has endeared me to the location. I sincerely hope that even if I should no longer be able to visit the area, that it remains standing and in tact for years to come.

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Demographic graphic – https://csrea.propertycapsule.com/web/property/53a15b7ca3d1d371c73478fc9e59ec40-79c8c683a86318d8e17a0269bef080fa#overview

Google Maps embed – https://goo.gl/maps/hrMLJs6Y58FjqhsX8