Image Composition

It is possible to draw out qualities of a picture by using image composition techniques. The following images are pictures I took myself that demonstrate this.

Terence Thomas

Title: Lampshade Recreation

Composition Technique: Contrast, Simplify the Scene, Creative with Colors

Purpose: A recreation of Man Ray’s Lampshade. By employing similar techniques as the original piece, this photo is meant to capture the same feeling with its melancholy colors.

Terence Thomas

Title: Good Evening

Composition Technique: Background, Contrast

Purpose: A frozen time capsule of a time bygone. The picture is given depth through the foreground brush, background buildings and sky. The lighting gives the brush an almost mystic feeling.

Terence Thomas

Title: A Chance Meeting (Photo)

Composition Technique: Frame Within a Frame

Purpose: The perfect capture of a meeting that few have witnessed. The picture is given a strange depth by being taken behind a window’s frame and the frame acts as a wall giving the cats their own respective boxes.

Terence Thomas

Title: Skywire

Composition Technique: Diagonals, Leading Lines, Vertical Orientation

Purpose: A demonstration of the height human creations reach. The angle of the photo gives no frame of reference for the pole’s true height against the blue sky background which gives the photo a towering sensation. The vertical orientation also pushes this perspective.

Terence Thomas

Title: Rock on a Stump

Composition Technique: Fill the Frame, Rule of Thirds, Avoid the Center

Purpose: A slightly unusual sight given an equally odd photo. Though the rock and stump are the focus, it is relegated to the corner of the photo and leaves space for the surrounding imagery. It gives a feeling of the image being larger than it truly is.