Inspecting the Pavilion

What seems to be just a brick wall actually holds some history to me. This wall is part of a building that was once a Toys R Us/Babies R Us. The reason I know this is because I once worked in the very same building and would come out of the automated doors that used to be present where these bricks now sit. The store is just a memory now.

The curbside of one of the inner streets of the Pavilion. The curb is in a bit of a destitute state due to weathering or reckless driving. The stones haven’t fallen to far from the branch, so to speak.

A parking spot for expectant mothers. It would seem that someone didn’t get the memo. It must have been a slow day as not many people were around the parking spot. That is probably for the best.

Yet another occupied spot. This time it is a handicapped parking spot with a full cart firmly parked in it. There seem to be a lot of assorted items within it. I wonder if it was being used by someone who needed it, or just a cart an employee neglected.

A curbside that has seen better days. Clear indentation shows that something heavy ran over the grass. Was it a tractor or just a careless diver? Likely the latter. I feel bad for the people responsible for tidying the mess.

A lone mask on the parking lot ground. It serves as a reminder of the current time, though It is a shame to see it discarded with so little care. Though we may be facing a crisis of our general well-being, we should not forget to take care of the planet we are living on. Hopefully, its owner is at least being safe somewhere.

An empty parking lot. It’s a strange sight to see this normally bustling area absolutely void of any vehicles. It’s a preferred alternative to what could be, however. I will take it as a sign of responsibility, even if that may not exactly be the case.

Some wood left in front of a store. I am fairly certain it is here for customers, though I am not 100% certain. It brings to mind the image of someone coming to bring home some lumber and get started on a home project. Maybe that would be a good distraction for some.

A cart found all by its lonesome far from home. I have to question who simply dragged it several parking lots away from it’s proper lot yet could not be bothered to even store it with other carts. The sunset and silhouettes of the trees in the background give off a bit of a strange romantic feeling wouldn’t you say?

Trees reflected in a leftover puddle. Scenery like this really brings to mind a mirror world just out of reach. Water is a truly special thing. Though the puddle in itself is temporary, its ability to reflect whatever is in front of it is something that will never change for as long as the puddle exists. We may not think about such things often, but our world is filled to the brim with fun concepts just like that.