Plaza Memories

The Fayette Pavilion has become a standard part of my life over the course of the six or so years I have been around it. The shopping complex has remained one of the main places to go for any kind of shopping for quite some time now. I think back to the many different times I have ventured through the streets of the pavilion and how with every visit, I became more and more acquainted with the plaza.

At first it was just a shopping plaza. I had no extraordinary feelings towards it and the plaza itself was just a convenient shopping location. However, that opinion began to change after a couple of years of coming and going.

In 2018, I worked within the plaza as a nighttime storage handler within a Toys/Babies R Us. I recall having to get to work at around 10 PM for the start of my shifts that would last up to 7 in the morning to 10 AM one day. It was both a difficult job as well as a relaxing one. Difficult in the sense that there was a lot of heavy lifting involved, and we often needed ladders just to reach shelves high above us. But it was still relaxing in that there were no customers to attend to (normally), so the focus of our work was in completing tasks such as emptying storage trucks and stocking shelves. It was a fun job and I felt genuine sadness walking away from it knowing the store would cease to exist not long afterward.

Before I left that job, there was one final memory I recall making thanks to my time working there. It was Christmas Eve morning at around 7 AM when I got off of my shift and wanted to do some last minute shopping for my nieces and nephew. My options were limited since it was Christmas Eve, but as luck would have it, Wal-Mart was one of the stores in the plaza and they were open throughout the holiday. So still dressed in my work attire, I headed over to the Wal-Mart and did some quick fishing to find a suitable gift for three. I remember the day they opened their gifts they were all very happy to get something from me and the warmth of that day sticks with me in the form of my memories of that Christmas Eve and the morning after.

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