Content Creator Stories: Podcast Analysis

This is a series of analysis on the topic of content creation centered around 3 different podcasts and episodes from each one. The pages for each individual review can be found below.

TCC Podcast #227: Writing Content with Jacob McMillen // Podcast Review

31 // Robert Mills, GatherContent // Content Operations // Podcast Review

The Beginner’s Guide to Making Money as a Creator Online // Podcast Review

As a group of podcasts, the main goal was to find podcasts that pertained to content creation by some common metric. This I believe was the case for all three of the chosen podcasts. The reason I decided to go with this idea was due to my own interest in content creation and desire to see examples of it’s sustainability and growth in other people.

While it was entirely possible for me to simply grab three episodes from one podcast I made the decision to take three episodes from three different podcasts so that I can get a more varied look on the subject from multiple sources. I believe it is better to do this for variety under a wider content umbrella.

As all of the podcasts here are dealing with similar subjects, there was some general overlap in ideas, however the guest speakers and regulars of the podcast episodes are all able to give some advice that while similar in nature, can differ between the bunch. For instance, the Creator Club decided to focus on how to go about making money with content creation while The Copywriter Club Podcast discussed subjects such as meta data and algorithms.

All podcasts are available on and were listened to through Spotify.