Sometimes it can be difficult to say why we remember something. Some kids remember childhood traumas while others still will forget them completely. While I would not call myself someone that belongs to the former group, I do have one memory in particular that has stuck with me throughout the years. This particular memory even left me with a souvenir that I still carry with me to this day. As this is a very personal story, I decided to show that through details and storytelling that encapsulates what makes me “me”.

And so without further introduction, I would like to present my story of a time when I failed and it changed me for the better.

Once you have finished viewing the story, I would also like to share the previously mentioned souvenir.

“Class Size” – A memory from a bygone day


“Very thoughtful and engaging. Failure is a common theme in life as we progress and get better as people. Though, your situation seemed a bit unfair especially for someone so young. I am glad you toughened it out and rose above it! Also, fantastic animation skills.” – Bryce T.

“Your story was so sad, I felt so horrible to know that you went through this. I am impressed that you were able to overcome this. Your animation was so amazing and I am glad you are reminded that improvement is always possible. You are worthy of love, success and an amazing life.” – Katie K.

“Failure is necessary in life, and to see it come so early when your aspirations were still high is at once a blessing and a travesty. You learned quickly how the tide of life turns and, rather than let it squander your efforts, you readapted and fought back. As it’s been said before, true failure is not falling down, but in refusing to get back up. You serve as an example to those who would doubt that. Best of luck in life going forward and keep that lesson close, as it’s one of the most important you can ever learn.” – Luke T.

“The story was very touching and sad. In some ways, relatable. Everyone has dealt with failure at some point and it always hurts and makes you feel awful. I found the story as a reminder to keep your head up when failure hits or things get rough. The constantly moving visuals was a great touch! I felt like the subtle movement was a sign that, even if you feel like you’re stuck, you really are moving ever so slowly through life. Another reminder that you can keep moving through rough patches.” – Sam W.

“The animation did a superb job of conveying the desired emotion. The emotional storytelling alongside the imagery was a perfect match. I loved it.” – Steven T.