Second Chances of the Fuzzy Kind

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Louis Auguste Baralis (1862-1940) Un sauvetage (A Rescue), plaster (1894)

What is a companion to you? Are they a pillar within your life? Do they act as someone you can lean on in times of stress or emotional duress? Perhaps they let you experience things you would not have otherwise for one reason or another. Whoever came to mind, I’m sure the image of a pet crossed your mind in some capacity. For many, pets and service animals have been their greatest companions. Lighting the way for their owners who are trapped in a haze against their will. These animals are companions in for the long haul.

But how do some of them get to that point? It isn’t every dog you see with their owner that got there through a shop. Some had to be rescued. It is through the rescues of kind and earnest people that these animals are given another chance to live again. In the case of some of them, this chance led to a success and companionship that nearly never was.


It is important to remember that though they may be fuzzy friends and loyal confidants for some, we must remember that animals are just that: animals. Rescues tend to be conducted by experienced animal handlers and not just civilians with time to burn. In the event that a dog or any other animal is found and in need of rescue, it is in your best interest to not approach carelessly and consider calling professionals or those who have made rescuing animals their job.

With that said, what is it that leads to an animal in need of rescue? Well, there are a number of different ways one could arrive at that point, however for this definition, we are specifically speaking of dogs that were abandoned or otherwise separated from their prior owners. These dogs, whether intentionally or otherwise, were separated from their prior caretakers and depending on their dependence and training, could be in significant danger of harming themselves or others.

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It is very important to be wary of how exactly a dog may have become lost. Finding out the “how” of how they disappeared will be an integral part of finding them. According to, there are actually two specific types of keywords that can be used to describe a lost dog. The dogs can fall under the categories of “opportunistic” or “lost from a stressful situation”. In the case of an opportunistic lost dog, things such as their demeanor, origin, and breed can all factor into information needed to find where they may have gone. Hounds and sporting dogs are the usual suspects for this demeanor. They tend to have friendly personalities. Otherwise for dogs that were possibly under stress, the same rules apply, but the dogs in this case are more likely to have shy personalities. Herders and other small breeds can fall under this category.

Once the kind of run away has been determined, professionals will have an easier time finding and rescuing the endangered dog.


Following rescue, the life of a former rouge dog can see an incredible expansion of possibilities before it. There is no shortage of dogs that have become success stories in their own right following their rescue after all. Perhaps one of the most famous examples of this was Spike, or as more people knew him, Old Yeller (Wood, 2019). Spike was originally an adopted dog himself and thanks to the quick thinking of his owners, Spike found himself in a “Rags to Riches” story in no time. Some dogs gain fame, and others still gain a quiet peaceful life with their owners. What opens up to both dogs and owners following adoption can be a fun surprise.

While finding the dog in need of rescue is in one sense a reward unto itself, what kind of life awaits the creature after rescue? Perhaps it will be secure in the care of a rescue facility or maybe it will be sent off to be put up for adoption. Assuming it is the latter, what types of owners do the dogs find themselves with? Perhaps they may find themselves with a family that has settled down in a quiet town. Or perhaps they may find themselves in the care of a photographer who sees their new companion as a shining star. Or even still, perhaps they may find themselves in the care of a long time pet owner with tons of company to grow accustomed to. Regardless of what the newly rescued friend’s situation may be, the fact of the matter is that they have now entered a new section of their life. They have gained a second chance.

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