Welcome to Door to the Heart!

A Growing Catalog of Creative Works

This website is an ongoing showcase of the skills of Terence Thomas in writing, art, and design.

As time goes on, the website may see visual changes, however, this site’s purpose as a portfolio will not change. Please look forward to new showcases in addition to what is already provided.

The content provided within this portfolio covers a wider range of categories that all fall under my career interests. The focus of this portfolio is on work that demonstrates appealing writing technique as well as a professional integration of digital design sensibilities. For an example of my writing ability, I would recommend giving my virtual review of Yellowstone a read.

For an example of my artistic ability, I would ask that you view some of my personal artwork as well as my personal narrative story, “failure”, which also serves to demonstrate my integrative ability .

Lastly, for design, I would point in the direction of the reworked version of my poem, Happiness. For a slightly derivative example of design, my five image story demonstrates how picture composition and sequencing can tell a story without words.

I hope you enjoy what you see!