Reflecting on the Site’s Creation

Over the course of this website’s genesis until now, I have had a number of thoughts on my mind. As the days passed by and I slowly came about giving Door to the Heart an identity I also found thinking of the projects I managed to do and have still yet to do.

When I first got started with making Door to the Heart, I had an inking of an idea of what the site’s focus would be, but hardly anything truly tangible in mind. I thought there were so many things I could try incorporating into the site, but as the focus of things was writing, I found that became the main starting point.

Once I got past all the technical bruhaha and minor hiccups that come from website management, the theme of the site was an easy pick. Something “dark and mysterious” while also being inviting was the main goal for the look of the site and I think I succeeded in that regard.

And then there is the content of the site. In truth, when it is grouped together in one place, seeing all the writing and other things I managed to create in a short amount of time was a bit of an empowering feeling. A combination of blog posts recording my progress, personal artwork, photography, and even reviews all serving as proof of my hard work sit here just waiting to be seen. It is both a scary and exciting prospect.

Looking back at some of the projects I completed, I feel extremely glad that I decided to challenge myself in a short timeframe. When I created “failure”, I had very little time to create the digital story as there were other projects demanding my attention during its creation. Despite this, I managed to persevere and create something that feels unique and truly of my own creation and that makes me happier than words can properly express. Similar to “failure”, I had a fun time repurposing my poem “Happiness” into something with more visual flair.

I am glad that I was pushed to create Door to the Heart as it has given me not only a way to track my own growth as a creator, but has also provided me with a goal to follow from now on. Prior to creating this portfolio, I felt as though I was loosing a drive to create works that is especially necessary for people following my career path. I am happy to say that that is no longer the case and I look forward to sharing more of my work as time goes on.

Until then, thank you for reading.