Content Operations With Rob Mills

In this podcast, Kristina Halvorson has guest speaker Rob Mills talk about his experiences as a cog in content operations within his company. Mills work is much like an advertisement gig in the way that making the work the company does clear and understandable. They do this through their “three pillars of content operation”: people, process, and technology. This is an all-encompassing idea that includes industry standards from many other company tactics.

Mills is an organizer of content rather than an outright creator. Using things such as meta data to help content be seen is part of what it means to be working in content operations. Though he states his own frustrations at himself for not doing so from the start. This at least serves as a lesson to up-and-coming content designers and operators.

While I enjoy the sentiment, I do wish Mr. Mills went more into the details of his company as many of the descriptors he used while speaking on them were a tad too general to understand fully without context. This is something that was touched on briefly, but not given enough time in discussion in my opinion.

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