Making Money as a Creator Online

This podcast was a solo podcast that was all about how to benefit from content creation. This podcast runs through a number of the various ways one can use content creation to make money. Options can be selling courses, getting ad revenue, and the selling of your own personal skills.

In addition to the examples, some of the cons of these options were also discussed. With things such as getting paid through ad revenue, the content creator has to understand that they will be responsible for calculating taxes and expenses on their own. Making sure the content being offered is clearly explained was also a topic that was reiterated a few times during the podcast.

This podcast is the most straightforward of the three I had chosen and the most accessible for those looking to find ideas for content creation. The solo format makes it much easier to follow along with as topics flow into each other. I enjoyed the structure and it’s quick, bullet-point pacing. I believe this to be the podcast I would recommend to the most people interested in content creation outside of just writing.

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