Writing Content with Jacob McMillen

One of the podcasts discussing content writing. Mr. McMillen spends the majority of the podcast discussing how to get more work and make connections.

McMillen comes to the podcast bringing a lot of varied information on writing strategies. Among the topics was the differences between year one writers versus more experienced writers. McMillen states that many early writers make the mistake of trying to search and specialize in niches and that this is unnecessary. Instead he states that it is more important to create in general than for a specific group out of the gate. I find that notion intriguing, and possibly relevant to my own interests. McMillen also talks on the difficulties of trying to handle everything on his own. The experiences he spoke of drove him to decide that hiring help was a business model he wanted to subscribe to in order to match his visions.

McMillen him self comes across as very successful and professional. He is immediately noted to be the first result for copywriter on search which is an impressive achievement and speaks to his business know-how. His experiences should serve as a great model to others wanting to specialize in content writing.

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