Time for a Change of Pace!

Long time no update!

It has been roughly three years since the last update. Time truly flies following childhood’s end. As for what I have been up to, I’ve been finding myself. More specifically, finding what I really want out of life.

While I have kept updates to the website to a minimum thus far, I believe I’ve got a new vision for what the site should be able to offer. Currently, the site serves as a portfolio to show some of my creative works and areas of expertise. While I do not plan to completely shift away from this idea, I do want to do more with it.

My main goal is to begin creating content for myself on the site, without the need for attachment to any other company or site. In other words, indie publications for my writing and art.

When this content will find it’s way to the site is still to be decided on, but once it starts the site should see some more “renovations” by then. I plan to simplify the site map so that it is less cumbersome to navigate and lessen the bloat of pages that no longer serve any purpose on the site.

But that’s all for this little update. I hope I can keep making this site into a lovely portfolio of my works and then some.

Thank you for reading


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